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Castles for sale

Castle for sale in Italy

The castle has long become a symbol of the Middle Ages, in fact, above the age of half centuries and continues, taking forms and types gradually different, both in the first or the second modern age. Castles across different disciplines and cultural importance: from architecture to planning, military techniques to the various forms of art that evolved from the castle fortress to house luxury, it is practiced in a process of embellishment by the extraordinary results under the profiles of elegance, luxury, prestige that need for security with the prestigious residence to give a charm to be submitted all forms of luxury. This process of existing amelioration castle becomes true splendor in new residences of nobles, where the mecenati take their addiction to the best and famous artists, and make available the materials high value so as their home becomes a unique object for evidence through the luxury, art and elegance of their political and social prestige. Even today, a home of luxury is the testimonial of the social prestige of their owner, the higher is its uniqueness, beauty and elegance, the greater the prestige that the company recognizes the owner. Our prestigious villas for sale enclose within them as well as the luxury and prestige of a noble dwelling, including all art and knowledge of the artists who have achieved using ingenuity and workforce to achieve not only a luxurious residence of charm but to the noble dwelling, a sign of uniqueness and exclusivity, to be passed in time for posterity
The Area Royal Network is a real estate agency specializing in Castle for sale in Italy with vineyard in areas Florence Siena Pisa Montalcino Montepulciano Greve in Chianti.

Castle for sale Italy

Castle for sale in Italy

Castle for sale in Rinascimental style, run as a castle hotel of ***superior category, is for sale in Chiantishire. This enchanting castle for sale is located just 1 hours from Florence by car, not far from the center of Siena.(More information in agency with Letter of intents).

Castle for sale Florence Tuscany

Castle for sale in Florence Tuscany

This medieval castle, dating back to the early 14th century, was built with red brick. The castle has a square ground plan with one corner tower, and a wonderful inner court is hidden behind the portal with its pointed arches. (More information in agency with Letter of intents).

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